Welcome: On Asia, we observe and bridge

The world is currently changing at unprecedented rates and in uncertain ways. The globalisation we knew that brought positive change to many is now retreating en masse. However, it continues to live on in many places, raising controversy, sparking creativity, and shaping business and politics.

We believe our future is in a globalised world. We need an open talent pool, accessible markets, and global capital to speed up economic and social development. Collaborations will sometimes be challenging, but with a diligent approach, we can pass the hurdles we have not yet crossed.

Asia Observatory reports on tech and business developments in Asia with a non-partisan agenda. We explain cultural and social aspects to stories, providing tools for critical analysis.

Comprehension, opportunity, and collaboration will be constrained if we fail to stray outside of our filter bubble.

Welcome to Asia Observatory! Read more about us on our About page.

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